EPC will strictly be enforcing the requirements of Government's procurement policies and guidelines. EPC will no longer process any payments for goods and services delivered without having first obtained a purchase order. It is important that your company receive the purchase order before delivering goods or providing the services requested. This ensures that not only have we followed the requirements for procurement, but that we have secured the funds for payments of your goods and services.

Payment will only be processed when the goods and services have been delivered in full, unless there is a contractural requirement allowing for progressive payments.

Further clarification if required from Manager Finance & Commerce, Sofia Silipa on 65 527.


Date issued Tender No. Tender Item Due Date
9 Sep 2022  ‚Äč SAMEPC 02/2022 IFB - Procurement of Heavy Duty Vehicles
11am, 19 Sep 2022
5 Sep 2022  SAMEPC 21/2022     RFQ - Shopping for SCADA Switches 11am, 27 Sep 2022
30 Aug 2022 SAMEPC 19/2022   RFQ - Procurement and Install Chain Link Fence EPC Savaii
Addendum 1 - issued 13/9/22  
11am, 16 Sep 2022
30 Aug 2022 SAMEPC 20/2022   IFB - Design, Supply, Install and Commissioning of Containerized Generator Sets for EPC NCDC Fuluasou and Savaii Power Station 11am, 24 Oct 2022
30 Aug 2022 SAMEPC 03/2022   RFQ - Procurement of SCADA Servers and Workstations 10am, 20 Sep 2022
16 Aug 2022 SAMEPC 13/2022 RFQ - Expansion of SCADA and Grid Controller System to Cover Five New Assets 10am, 30 Aug 2022
16 Aug 2022 SAMEPC 15/2022   RFQ - Procurement of Fiber Cables and Materials 10am, 13 Sep 2022