The EPC was established in December 1972, under the EPC Act 1972, then superseded by the EPC Act 1980 with amendments made under the EPC Amendment Act 1981. EPC completed the review of its legislation during the previous planning period, however, focus has now shifted to finalizing EPC’s position in registering as a company relative to existing legislations, in partnership with the Ministry for Public Enterprises.   In 2010, EPC operation was deregulated under the Electricity Act 2010 that established the Office of the Regulator, and opened up the market for generation of electricity supply. Since then, electricity supply generated by Independent Power Producers (IPP) using solar energy, are sold to EPC for transmission, distribution and selling to our customers. Solar energy contribution from IPP companies make up about 11% of total generation capacity.   Currently, EPC operates 9 hydro plants (1 in Savaii), solar farms at Apolima Island, Tuanaimato, Vaitele, Tanugamanono and Salelologa Savaii, a wind farm at Vailoa Aleipata, and diesel power plants at Fiaga Upolu and Salelologa Savaii. To date, works continue for further developments of its existing generation and distribution network. Total electricity generation capacity as at end of March 2020 was 130,801,660 kWh.   As mandated to generate, distribute and sell electricity supply to all of Samoa, the EPC has connected up to 99% of Samoa’s population. EPC has on record a total of 39,033 customers, using postpaid and prepaid electricity. It has also expanded its vending outlets for prepaid electricity and utilizing modern technology through using mobile phones for purchasing, to ensure customer convenience. Furthermore, EPC stayed true to its vision of ensuring affordable electricity supply for Samoa, and efforts have been in place to ensure that the cost of electricity remains affordable for everyone.  


VISION 2025 "To be sustainable electricity provider in the Region"
IMMEDIATE VISION Increased access by all people of Samoa to quality and affordable electricity supply


MISSION “To provide and maintain quality electricity and customer service through innovative, sustainable and climate resilient infrastructure, in partnership with customers and stakeholders to support the development of Samoa”


We use “PRIIDE” as our values
P – Passion for excellent customer service
R – Respect for all stakeholders (customers, staff, government, donors, community) and the environment
I – Integrity. Sincere and loyal in everything we do
I – Innovation. Always looking for economically and environmentally friendly ways of doing things
D – Delivery. Do everything with enthusiasm and determination and in consultation
E – Empowerment. Encourage all staff to be accountable and transparent with what they do


1.        Electric Power Corporation Act 1980 
2.        Electricity Act 2010 
3.        Public Bodies (Performance and Accountability) Act 2001 
4.        Public Finance Management Act 2001 
5.        Companies Act 2007 
6.        Labour and Employment Relations Act 2013 
7.        Occupational Safety and Health Act 2002 
8.        Diesel Power Station Act 1965 Taking of Lands Act 1964

Governance Body

The operation of EPC is governed by a five-member Board of Directors

Board Members

Chairman:  Leasi Vainalepa Galuvao 
Director:  Tapuala Letoa Ulupale Fuimaono
Director:  Asi ​Sagagauatasi Keve Tunupopo
Director:  Lilomaiava Taumalaulu Iosefa
Director:  Alo Lomitusi Pilimase Tyrell


General Manager:  Fesola'i Faumui Tau'ili'ili Iese To'imoana
Chief Engineer, Power Generation:  Tu'u'u Tau'ili'ili Ekiumeni Fau'olo
Chief Engineer, Distribution & Utilization:  Tupa'i Latu Posi
Chief Engineer, Quality Assurance & Development:  vacant
Chief Engineer, National Control & Dispatching Centre:  Afamasaga Victor Afamasaga
Manager, Savaii Operations:  Asiata Magele Tafu Salevao
Manager, Finance & Commerce:  Palelemafuta Sofia Silipa
Manager, Corporate Governance:  Ta'aiseuga Jason Hisatake
Manager, Legal Services:  Tofilau Alexander Stanley
Manager, Internal Audit & Investigation:  Maiava Faleo'o Matoka
Manager, Information & Communication Technology:  Edwin Ulberg 

Organizational Structure


EPC compromises of eleven (11) Divisions, whose works are summarized as follows

1. Power Generation

The Power Generation Division is responsible for ensuring sufficient and least cost generation capacity, to meet electricity demand of our country, by generating electricity through use of imported fossil fuel and renewable energy sources. The Division is divided into two (2) sections of i) Thermal Section operating our diesel power plants at Fiaga and Tanugamanono and ii) Renewable Energy Section, operating and maintaining our hydro plants at Alaoa, Samasoni, Fale ole Fee, Taelefaga, Lalomauga, Tafitoala/Fausaga and Fuluasou, solar farms at Apolima Island, Tanugamanono, Vaitele, Tuanaimato and Mapuifagalele, and wind farm at Vailoa Aleipata.

2. Distribution and Utilization

Our Distribution and Utilization team based at Vaitele is responsible for ensuring electricity supply is effectively distributed, connected and utilized through installation, maintenance and upgrade of electricity lines, transformers, underground cables, electrical meters and attending to repair electrical faults (Line and meter)

3. Savaii Operation

The Savaii Operations is based at Salelologa Savaii, to provide electricity services for the Savaii island. It is like a mini-EPC, comprised of different sections responsible for the generation, distribution and utilization and selling of electricity services for Savaii. They operate the diesel power station at Salelologa as well as the new small hydro plant at Vailoa Palauli.

4. National Control & Dispatching Centre

Our National Control and Dispatching Centre at Fuluasou houses our nationwide SCADA System (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), that provides around the clock monitoring and control for all our generation and key distribution sites on Upolu and Savaii. They also monitor the communication network system and providing set points for Independent Power Producers to provide sufficient capacity at all times.

5. Quality Assurance and Development

Our Quality Assurance and Development team works to ensure Quality Assurance Systems and support are provided for the generation, distribution, transmission and utilization services. It is also responsible for;

  • Processing of applications for new electricity connections including pre-inspection, 
  • Utilization and maintenance of Geographic and mapping information systems, 
  • Researching on Renewable Energy technologies, 
  • Monitoring and evaluation of Independent Power Producers (IPP), 
  • Preparing tender documents and evaluating of tenders for projects, 
  • Following up of inspections and monitoring of new installations, 
  • Enforcing of standards and regulations, 
  • Customer Relations and Communications, 
  • Providing engineering support to EPC’s technical divisions. 

6. Finance & Commerce

Our Finance and Commerce team works to ensure improved financial stability through improved revenue and debt collections. Other services include the following;

  • Cashiering services (prepaid power and bill payment), 
  • Induction (Readable) Meter services - meter reading, billing, disconnection and reconnection of electricity supply, 
  • Collection of electricity debts, 
  • Procurement and Payment Services
  • Facilities and Asset Management, 
  • Financial management and reporting. 

7. Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance team works to ensure business efficiency through the following services;

  • effective and accountable Human Resource Management and Development, 
  • safer work environment and healthier employees, 
  • administrative support and payroll,
  • Planning, Research, Reporting functions and Monitoring and Evaluation of the Corporate Plan Strategic Results. 

8. Information, Communication and Technology

Our ICT team works to ensure secure, fast and reliable telecommunications, web and internet services are provided to support the overall operations of EPC. Our ICT team also works together with Engineers to discuss new software or programs to improve our services. 

9. Internal Audit and Investigation

Our Internal Audit and Investigation team ensures governance tools and mechanisms are developed, strengthened and continuously updated to support the external and internal delivery of EPC services.

10. Legal & Executive Services

Our Legal Team ensures that all EPC legislation and regulations are updated and all legal documentation of services are prepared according to approved technical specifications. They also provide legal advice and representation in court for EPC legal cases. 
Our Executive team provides secretarial support for the General Manager’s Office as well as the Board of Directors. 




New Electricity Connection

When applying for new connection of electricity supply to your home or business you will need to do the follwoing:
  1. Hire an EPC *licensed electrician to install all wiring to the building. Note that costing for wiring and permit are made and paid directly to the electrician. 
  2. Your licensed electrician applies for a new connection permit, on your behalf. You need to accompany the electrician when visiting our Office for permit application, to fill and sign the new connection form as a consent for work to start (bring an identification card), and a new service order is issued by the Customer Service Section. 
  3. You pay a $50 processing fee to the EPC Cashiers and provide to our Customer Service Office for verification and records. 
  4. Check with us if the costing of your work is ready, once first inspection (survey) is completed. 
  5. Make payment at our Cashiers at the main Office Sogi, before our Inspection team carries out a final inspection of your home or business, to check the wiring to ensure it is safe, functional and complies with relevant electrical regulations. 
  6. EPC will install electrical meter and connect your electricity supply.  

New Street Light

When applying for a new street light, you need to submit a Letter of Request addressed to the General Manager, EPC and submit at our Main Office on Level 5, TATTE Building, Sogi.

Include in the letter, exact location for the new street light, and reason for request. 

Meter Shift

If you need to shift your meter from its current location to a new location, you will need to go through the new connection procedure. EPC charges a fee of $50 for the meter shift.

Change of Ownership

f you wish to change the name your meter is registered under, visit our Main Office at Sogi and Salelologa to fill out a form. Make sure you have the old name and meter number on hand, OR download form and bring it in to our main offices at Sogi and Salelologa.