Public Notices

Date Name of Notice Download Copy
18 May 2023 Invitation for Bids: Procurement of IBM Backup Server
Due: 1st June 2023 @ 10am
18 April 2023 POWER SHUTDOWN - Thursday 20th April 2023 (Time: 3pm to 7pm)
Affected areas: Mulivai, Saleufi, Togāfu’afu’a, Tuloto, Taufusi, Fugalei, Vaimoso, Vaimea, Aai o Fiti, Sinamoga, Alamagoto, Palisi & Lalovaea

17 April 2023 Invitation for Bids: Procurement of Expansion of the SCADA and Grid Stability Systems
Due: 8th May 2023 @ 10am
17 April 2023 Request for Quotes: Procurement of 5kVA UPS for SCADA Server 
Due : 25th April 2023 @ 11am 
14 Feb 2023 Preparation of Drawings for Building Extension  - CLOSED Notice
13 Feb 2023 Public Auction of EPC old office furniture and equipment - Savaii - CLOSED Notice