How to calculate your bill

Domestic Consumer Invoice


Domestic invoice

If the domestic consumer uses less than 50 units, this is charged under the 1st tier of usage charge (01-50 units = 0.20 sene), PLUS the debt charge (0.17 sene) and fuel charge (0.55 sene).


Non-Domestic Consumer Invoice


Non domestic invoice

Process for payment of a Metered Account 

  1. Customer has 30 days from the day of the meter reading to pay the bill.
  2. If the customer cannot pay the bill they should contact EPC’s Credit Controller in the first instance so that a payment plan can be arranged.
  3. Arrears will appear on subsequent bills and the customer should comply with the previously agreed payment plan.
  4. If the customer cannot comply with the payment plan, they are required to contact EPC prior to due payment so to revise the plan in place.