Procedure of disconnection of electricity supply:

  1. PUBLIC NOTICE of disconnection,
  2. CUSTOMER IDENTIFIED as not paying their account,
  3. DISCONNECTION TEAM issues and ensure the customer name and number are correct before disconnection,
  4. CONFIRMATION of no patient on a life supporting machine or system inside the house before disconnection,
  5. WARN OCCUPANTS of the building to switch off electrical appliances to prevent possible damage to appliances prior to disconnection,
  6. DISCONNECT power supply.

Procedure for reconnecting electricity supply, when disconnected:

If power has been disconnected and reconnection needs to take place, the customer needs to;

  1. PAY ACCOUNT in FULL plus $200 overdue penalty fee. This fee must be paid when house is disconnected to ensure reconnection.
  2. Reconnection of electricity supply ONLY when an occupant of the premises is present, as a safety precaution and to confirm the power is active again.