Community Service Obligation

The Electric Power Corporation has supported the overal national plan, the Strategy for the Development of Samoa (SDS), through the Community Service Obligation (CSO) Project, previously known as the Rural Electrification Project. Since the commencement of this project from December 1989, the Corporation had performed its support for Government policies through construction of transmission lines in the rural areas, installation, repair and maintenance and consumption of streetlights around the country and upgrading of transmission lines for construction of new hotel projects.

All applications for new electricity connections requiring low voltage or high voltage extensions or new streetlights, go through the special CSO Committee for approval. Normally, this process takes up to 2-3 months. Under this initiative, domestic household applications are fully financed by the Government (75%) and EPC (25%). The domestic consumer will only need to pay the standard fee for connection. In the case of business applications, EPC finances 50% while business consumers pay for the other 50%. This is on top of the standard fee for connection for business consumers.