When applying for a new connection of electricity supply to your home or business, you will need to do the following;

  1. Hire an EPC licensed electrician to install all wiring to the building.
  2. Visit our Main Office Sogi, when your licensed electrician applies for a new connection permit, on your behalf, to fill and  sign the new connection form as a consent for work to start (bring an identification card), and a new service order is issued by the Customer Service Section.
  3. Check with us if the costing of your work is ready, once first inspection (survey) is completed.
  4. Make payment at our Main Office Sogi, before our Inspection team carries out a final inspection of your home or business, to check the wiring to ensure it is safe, functional and complies with relevant electrical regulations.
  5. EPC will install Cash power meter that comes with 5 free units.