How do I apply for a new connection?

To apply for a new connection you will need to undertake the following process.

1. Hire an EPC licensed electrician to install all wiring to the building.
2. The licensed electrician will apply for a new connection on the customer's behalf and a new service permit is lodged with the customer service section. An application form must be filled out and is available here to download.
3. The service order form is passed to the Electrical Engineer for pre-inspection and the cost of the installation is calculated.
4. The Customer Service Supervisor will inform the customer of the cost of the new installation. The standard meter installation fee is WST$221 for single phase and WST$561 for three phase.
5. The EPC Senior Electrical Inspector will check the wiring in the building to ensure that it is safe, functional and complies with relevant electrical regulations.
6. Once approved, the customer will be given a unique Consumer Number that matches up to the unique meter number.
Electricity will then be billed under the Consumer Number. For more information please click here.