How do I change the ownership of a meter (change of address)?

If you are moving into a house with an existing connection you must;

1. Ensure that the previous occupant has paid all arrears up until the date that occupancy is taken over.
2. Record the unique meter number prior to moving into or taking over control of the building.
3. Bring the unique meter number and your Consumer Number into an EPC Customer Service Centre.
4. A final meter reading will be taken prior to the new occupant taking over control.
5. The meter will be connected with the customer's Consumer Number for accurate billing.

How do I check the status of my request?

When you lodge a request or service order with EPC a service order number will be allocated to you. To check the progress of your request please contact a Customer Service Centre and quote your service order number.

How do I convert from traditional metered power to a Prepaid power meter?

To change your current readable meter to a prepaid power meter you will need to visit the EPC at Sogi to initiate the process which will take 1-2 weeks for completion.

1. Fill out a PREPAID POWER METER APPLICATION FORM (you can download the form here or it will be available at the office) and submit it to the Disconnection & Recovery Unit.
2. The Customer Service unit will issue a new Service Order and the number is given to the customer for tracking.
3. The service order form is passed to the Electrical Engineer for disconnection of the traditional meter and final meter reading. Once complete, the Prepaid Meter is installed.
4. The customer must pay the balance of the final reading or deduct at a rate of 50:50 from future prepaid power

For more information on Prepaid Power click here.