EPC will strictly be enforcing the requirements of Government's procurement policies and guidelines. EPC will no longer process any payments for goods and services delivered without having first obtained a purchase order. It is important that your company receive the purchase order before delivering goods or providing the services requested. This ensures that not only have we followed the requirements for procurement, but that we have secured the funds for payments of your goods and services.

Payment will only be processed when the goods and services have been delivered in full, unless there is a contractural requirement allowing for progressive payments.

Further clarification if required from Manager Finance & Commerce, Sofia Silipa on 65 527.


We currently have four (4) tender openings at EPC. 

Date issued
Tender No.
Tender Item
Due Date
31 May 2019new SAMEPC 26/2019 IFB - Purchase and installation of Wind Tower in Le Pue in Upolu 10am, 15 July 2019
31 May 2019new SAMEPC 25/2019 IFB - Purchase of 33KV Overhead Powerline Materials 10am, 15 July 2019
31 May 2019new SAMEPC 24/2019

IFB - Additional 33KV Tieline between Fuluasou Substation and Tanugamanono Power Plan

Tender Document I Diagaram

Addendum 1 new

10am, 15 July 2019
27 May 2019closed SAMEPC 22/2019 RFQ - Procurement for Conduits, Plastic Pits and Other Materials 2pm, 11 June 2019
22 May 2019new SAMEPC 23/2019

RFQ - Fiber Pulling from Faleolo to Biomass Plant at Mulifanua

Contact person - Asolima Leapai - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

18 June 2019
29 Apr 2019closed SAMEPC 06/2019 IFB - The Trenching of the New Conduit Crossing the Main Beach ROad along the Post Office and Crossing Convent Street 10am, 20 May 2019
25 Apr 2019closed SAMPC 20 RFQ - Fibre Cables 2pm, 7 May 2019
18 Mar 2019closed SAMEPC 15/2019

RFQ - Supply of Electrical Materials for Underground

Addendum 1 - issued 01 Apr 2019

Addendum 2 - issued 02 Apr 2019 

Addendum 3 - issued 08 Apr 2019new

Addendum 4 - issued 09 Apr 2019new

10am, 16 April 2019