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Visit a customer service or one of the stores below during opening hours:

 Days Prepaid Power Vending Services, SOGI 
Prepaid Power Vending Services, SALELOLOGA Electiricity Bill Payment Services Sogi, Vaitele & Salelologa  Prepaid Power Vending Service Vaitele 
 Monday - Friday  9am - 4pm  9am - 4pm
 9am - 4pm 24 hours 


 9am - 4pm
CLOSED 24 hours 
CLOSED 24 hours 


1. Registered shops selling EPC scratch cards available ($20, $50 and $100). Download complete LIST of shops HERE.

2. SHOPS operating as agents for EPC using e-vend. Minimum Purchase of $10. Download complete LIST of shops HERE


Disconnection / Re-connection

The EPC Policy on Power Disconnection and Reconnection is designed to protect EPC customers as a group. The customer is given due time to pay their electricity account followed by forewarning of disconnection.

If a customer is having difficulty paying the power bill, please contact us to arrange a payment option.

• Procedure of disconnection of electricity supply:
• CUSTOMER IDENTIFIED as having not paid their account,
• PUBLIC NOTICE of disconnections,
• DISCONNECTION TEAM issues and ensure the customer name and number are correct before disconnection,
• CONFIRMATION of no patient on a life supporting machine or system inside the house before disconnection,
• WARN OCCUPANTS of the building to switch of electrical appliances to prevent possible damage to appliances prior to disconnection,
• DISCONNECT power supply.

 Disconnection Schedule


How do I reconnect my electricity supply?
• If power has been disconnected and reconnection needs to take place, the customer needs to:
• PAY ACCOUNT in full + SAT$50 overdue penalty fee,
• Reconnection will only take place when an occupant of the premises is present as a safety precaution and to confirm the power is active again.