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The Project Management Unit was set up in 2007, as the focal point for the implementation of the new Power Sector
Expansion Project (PSEP).

The PSEP's overall objective is 'to improve the capacity of the power sector in providing sustainable and reliable electricity services to all consumers at affordable prices and to reduce its technical losses'. This PSEP is funded by the ADB, JICA, AusAID, Government of Samoa and EPC. It is anticipated that by the completion of this project, the capacity of the sector to meet growing electricity demand and improve quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of power supply.

The PSEP consists of 28 subprojects, with the Fiaga Power Plant, being the biggest single subproject. The projects are
divided between the islands of Upolu and Savaii between areas of Generation and Transmission. Please see below for a list of
Projects that have been completed.

For more information on the Power Sector Expansion Project, contact the Project Management Unit on 65 411 or alternatively visit Level 5 of the Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi Building, Sogi. Apia Samoa.

More information about completed projects will be availablle soon


The power of renewable energy....

 With the uncontrollable increases in the cost of imported oil and the threats of climate change, the Corporation underscores heavily the urgent need to tap into least cost renewable and alternative energy resources for its electricity generation.

A Renewable Energy Unit was set up in 2007 to manage and develop projects associated with renewable energy (RE) activities such as wind, solar, hydro and bio-energy. This includes initiating high quality research and analysis and providing actual project implementation support to increase Samoa’s use of environmentally friendly renewable sources of energy. Recently, the Renewable Energy Unit was incorporated to be part of the Project Management Unit, implementing the Samoa Power Sector Expansion Project.

Below are some of the recent completed RE projects excluding a number of research works conducted;

  1. Samoa Wind Farm Project
  2. Samoa 400kWp Solar Photovoltaic Project
  3. NZ Aid Funded Solar Project

Updated information will be uploaded SOON...

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