Prior to its establishment as a Corporation in 1972, a division of the Public Works Department, known as the Electric Power Scheme, was given the responsibility for power sector operations.It has since continually reforms itself to fulfill its main purpose or core function, which is to generate, transmit, distribute and sell electricity. From its simple beginning 42 years ago, in supplying electricity exclusively to the Apia Township, amidst the many challenges and constraints, the Corporation now provides power to 98 per cent of the population of Samoa.


"Clean Energy Sources for affordable and sustainable electricity supply for Samoa"


"To provide and maintain quality electricity services through innovative, sustainable and environmentally sound practices in developing renewable energy sources, generation and distribution infrastructure network, in partnership with customers and stakeholders to support the development of Samoa"


We use "PRIIDE" as our values

• P – Passion for excellent customer service
• R – Respect for all stakeholders (customers, staff, government, community and the environment)
• I – Integrity. Absolute and honesty in everything we do
• I – Innovation. Always looking for better and cheaper ways of doing things
• D – Delivery. Do everything with enthusiasm and determination. Meet the highest standards in everything we do.
• E – Empowerment. Encourage all staff to take responsibility for what they do and encourage them to make decisions that are in the best interest of EPC.

To adhere to ill our mission, EPC is not only required to provide quality advice on the provision and supply of sustainable and quality electricity services, but it is also conscious that customers and stakeholders depend on electricity supply for sustainable livelihoods.


The delivery of EPC mission statement is dependent on the EPC complying with the below list of legislations:

  • Electric Power Corporation Act 1980,
  • Electricity Act 2010 
  • Public Bodies (Performance and Accountability) Act 2001,
  • Public Finance Management Act 2001,
  • Companies Act 2007
  • Labour and Employment Relations Act 2013
  • 1972 Diesel Power Station Act
  • 1965 Occupational Safety and Health Act2002  & the following Regulations which are by no means exhaustive;
  • Rural Electrification, December 1988,
  • New Zealand Wiring Regulations (Standard) 1976
  • & Electric Power Corporation Practice Directions 1981

The Corporation has the necessary legislations and powers to carry out its functions as the entity responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution and selling of electricity in Samoa.


Visit a customer service & vending outlet during opening hours:

 Days Cash Power Vending Services, Sogi & Salelologa  Electiricity Bill Payment Services Sogi, Vaitele & Salelologa  Cash Power Vending Services Vaitele 
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