• What is the total amount of my electricity bill?

    There are two total amounts that may appear on your monthly electricity bill. TOTAL BILL DUE (highlighted here in green): Is the amount due for the month only.NET AMOUNT PLUS TOTAL SURCHARGE (highlighted here in yellow): Is the amount due Read More
  • What is the charge for the current bill?

    The charge for the current bill is shown at TOTAL BILL DUE: Is the amount due for the month only (highlighted above in green).What is the percentage (%) charge on the bill?The percentage (%) fuel surcharge was introduced to compensate for rising Read More
  • Why don’t I get a discount on my bill anymore?

    On 15th November 2002 the discount for prompt payment was eliminated inline with the planned introduction of Prepaid meters. Read More
  • What is the arrears amount?

    Arrears are the amount of money that you still owe to EPC from previous bills. The current amount of arrears owing is shown in the box PLUS ARREARS/(CREDIT) AS AT. Read More
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