Power Shutdowns

Informing our customers.....

Sometimes it is necessary for EPC to shutdown the electrical power for line maintenance, installations or other major works, these are known as schedulled shutdowns and the public will be given due notice of the shutdown.  Similarly if lines are damaged by external factors such as weather or car accidents, a power outage may be caused.  In this case EPC will make an announcement informing the public of actions being taken to fix the outage.

Scheduled Power Shutdowns

August 2014

Date Time Areas Affected
21 August 2014  12pm - 4pm   Part of Togafuafua to Taufusi, Saleufi to part of Fugalei (SSAB Complex, Ah Liki Wholesale, Ott Transport, Lucky Foodtown, ABM, Chan Mow, Pat Ah Him, Citimart, Frankie Supermarket and New Market). 
02 August 2014 12 pm -
5 pm
Matafele, Togafuafua, Tufuiopa, Lalovaea, Taufusi, Vaimea, Alamagoto, Palisi, part of Motootua and Leufisa