Cash Power

The power to control…

Pre-paid Power (Cashpower) was introduced to EPC customers in 2004 to improve the Corporation's debt collection and assist customers in the control of their electricity usage. By choosing to be a Cash Power customer, the following advantages are enjoyed;

  • Budget management
  • Control of energy usage 
  • No cost for disconnection/reconnection and no waiting for reconnection 
  • No deposits 
  • Ability to pay back debts.

Connection of a Prepayment Metering System

Applying for a new connection of electricity (never had a connection before);

  1. Hire an EPC licensed electrician to install all wiring to the building.
  2. The licensed electrician will apply for a new connection permit, on the customer’s behalf. EPC has no fee for the permit. The customer must also be present at this time, to sign the new connection form as a consent for work to start, and a new service order is created by the Customer Service Section.
  3. The service order form is passed on for pre-inspection and the cost of the installation is calculated.
  4. The Customer will then pay the connection fee of $221 for single phase and $500 for three phase connection.
  5. The EPC Chief Electrical Inspector will check the wiring in the building to ensure that it is safe, functional and complies with relevant electrical regulations.
  6. Once approved by the GM, the Utilization Section will make the connection to the meter, and the customer will be given a  meter number. 

If the customer is moving into a house with an existing connection they must;

 - Bring the meter number to any cash power vending outlets at Sogi,Vaitele or Salelologa in order to purchase cash power units.

The below diagram shows how to use the Prepayment meter.

Cash Power instructions

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Process for payment of a Prepayment Account

  1. Monitor your Prepayment meter and when your credit is low, purchase more units.
  2. Bring your meter serial number to the Cash Power vending outlet.
  3. Purchase cash power units from a customer service outlet
  4. Enter numbers that follow the sign on your receipt.


Prepayment Meter