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Invitation for Bids 

Bid Title 1 : Supply of Cummins Engine Major Overhaul Parts

Issue Date: Monday 07 April 2014 I Due Date:Monday 05 May 2014

Bid Title 2 : Refurbishment of Lalomauga Hydro Headpond penstock pipes and Alaoa Bridge

Issue Date : Monday 14 April 2014 I Due Date : Monday 26 May 2014


EPC services for bill payment and purchasing of cash power units are available at our Offices at Salelologa, Sogi and Vaitele on Monday - Friday : 9am - 4pm.

Services for Cash Power Units are available at registered shops, selling scratch cards and National Bank’s MPOS service.


The Electric Power Corporation wishes to inform the public that in its efforts to ensure safety and security of the public and electricity plants and supply, ALL EPC power plants/stations, sub-stations and power supply on UPOLU namely Fiaga, Tanugamanono, Fale o le Fe’e, Loto Samasoni, Fuluasou, Alaoa, Lalomauga, Taelefaga, Sauniatu and Afulilo and SAVAII namely Salelologa and Vaiaata, ARE ON RESTRICTED ACCESS.

Members of the public, who wish to visit the abovementioned premises, must obtain a written permit from our Manager of Generation Mr. Toni Atilua on 7565602/65601 or the Savaii Manager Mrs. Vagana Stephanie Lomitusi on 7565531/51224, at least 24 hours in advance. Visiting hours are only during working hours.

A visitor must be fully equipped with personal safety gear prior to entrance into the premises and must be accompanied by an authorized EPC employee. Failure to comply may result in refusal of entry.

AWARD OF CONTRACTS - click on tender for details

1. SAM-EPC 006/2013 - Supply of Works for the Two Way Radio Network Expansion Project

2. SAM-PSEP 13/02 - Construction of 33kV Underground Cable from Fiaga Power Station to Fuluasou Substation

3. SAM-PSEP 19/02 - Design, Manufacture, Supply, Construct, Install, Test and Commissioning of Salelologa 22kV Substation

4. SAM-PSEP 18 - Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Servicing and Commissioning of Supervisory, Control, Data Acquisition (SCADA) System